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It blew my mind when I found out that a table salt is twice as salty as Diamond kosher salt. The vast majority of recipes never specify what type of salt you should be using. For example, a baked salmon recipe might say to use "1 tsp of salt". If the writer uses kosher salt, and you used table salt, then you just ended up with completely oversalted dish! This calculator is made to help you avoid that situation. Use this dry brining calculator if:

Samins Nosrat's Salt Fat Acid Heat is what enlightened me of that fact. Her chapter on salt made a huge impact on my cooking, and her salting chart was a huge inspiration for this calculator. She's convinced me that dry brining (a fancy way of saying salting in advance) is mandatory, and I've never looked back. I'm not affiliated with Samin or Salt Fat Acid Heat, but I do highly recommend it for beginner/intermediate cooks who want to up their cooking game. While I'm not directly affiliated, the links in this paragraph are Amazon affiliate links, so if you click the link and buy the book, you will be supporting this site too!